Reconquering Eden – 1st attack

Shining Light

a coloured light
an ancient light
a human-voiced light
it calls for you
and wants to create
brightly shining
human beings
the universe
comes forehead
burns from me
burns from you
light is shining from there
flowing here
oh give more
oh give more light

this feeling seizes me
a spreading feeling
it is calling within me
it moans like that
you are enchanted
watch out what it speaks to you now
how it enlightens in your mind

it makes me crazy
I have to jump now
and it goes goes goes
and it calls calls calls
and it's good good good

the day will come when the feast of life reaches us
there will be sunlight, the sky will open to us
it calls with power, it wants our best feelings
all the treasures reach the sky, born from the innermost world

ride with full tilt, cleave your life
with sunshine-sword, with burning love
let your bright shining flood burst out
song spring out and fly you to all landscapes

hey! hey! hey! send light!
hey! hey! hey! send light!

The Counter-Attack of the Underground Music

hey hey
hey hey hey hey
sounds are bursting out
from below the ground
the sounds of the life
enraptured vital music

above the ground
plastic shield
rotten artificial world
spreading in the minds
breading like weeds
seizing every mind
putrefying everything

when the mind is rotting
it's the end of the world
human beings will stop living
only zombies and mad max can exist
what kind of force can
force under the ground
the real music of the youth and
their self-expressing attempt?
the dark force goes on and on
gobbles gobbles gobbles
grinds grinds grinds
on its face hundreds of images
and a smile

ripped open skies
emptied souls
above a false god
or rather a dragon
its wheel is in my brain
it kills
it kills the brain
it flies into the mind
mind-killing dragon in my mind
it is flying now in my brain
it is ploughs my brain to its parts
that's what it does
it is ploughing your brain
that's what it does
it makes us to loose our mind
it takes over our mind
it speaks from the imbecile radio
from the crime-worshipping TV
it gobbles the mind
it gobbles the thought
oh if only I could
let the people know it!

fly in my name!

life is calling us
yet only from below the ground
where all our ancestors
are charging us with power
in the name of life
all the souls go to daylight!
and make all the rotting souls
the world-rotting machineries
creep back to the hell!
let they bring with themselves
their breeding stock of lies
let the golden Sun shine to us!
if every mind is with us
we will have our Eden here!
the fate of the world is within us
in the better half of our souls
let's join
the will of the life!
come on!
you there! and you there!
come on! now!

The Feast of Sky and The Earth

get wings, celestial light,
you have to throw mortal life now
stars, the space is in flames,
with waving hairs I fly and let it fly higher, higher
let the feast of love and life throw us up to the sky

as a ball of the sky
up up let it fly high now
up up fly up now
as a ball of the sky
up, throw it to me hey
as a ball of the sky

opens up
between the sky and the earth
my life stretches
between the sky and the earth
moving figures

up throw it here hey!
let its light be bright and fly you up to the joy! Up!
I could move the hills with its power! Hey!
it has to throw you to the sky where the truth is!
draw upon it until your lungs are open!

Hey! colourful, pure sky!
Hey! colourful, pure sky!

You Have to Live You Deads!

the dead jumps up from the grave
what the hell are you doing?
since what time did the feeling cease to exist?
why is the whole man's world dead?
the final judgement rages on us
our life-goal was stolen from us
this is the matter, don't evade the issue

the goal of the Life is in danger
that of the livings and the deads
oh my God, how much beauty
and all of it is thrown to the rage
now stop this decay!
you have to live, deads!
you have to live at last!
listen to the words of all the times!

you have to live you deads!
you have to live a life!
there is such a thing!

Flitting Light

glittering light's
collaborating piles
uniting and outstretching
ancient times are thrown from one place to another

shines shines shines shines glitters
shines shines shines shines glitters
flitting light
flitting light

light bathes through valves
light sluices
doubt and calming down

Falling to The Flames of Life

what force drives
inside out
sends with such a strength to give birth to a magic child
there is no reason to think about
it is coming, it is the real thing

slow down let it shake in you
it is waiting for you, come and help me
I want it right now, I cannot fake it anymore
you have to release your instincts
you have to let them break through

with all your unknown power
at the end of the night
the fire will teach you how to feel
and your life will speak so loud

burning house
I am running in it
hey hey hey hey
I am scared and shaking
I am coming, my body is falling into the flames
I am sinking
spitted frames
blinding life
silent bones
flowing forms
flying honey
turning lights
at night
you become mad
falling down over the tunnel
where I am
where you and me
where she and me
falling down at night

my bounded mouth
opens up

Night Fly

at night
a dream-wing
from a dream wing
the Moon unfolds
it walks on hot lawn
my soul strolls
above the field
alone in the empire
of the splendid night

there will be a night when you are here
the earthly soul gets on to the stars
in the globe it is silently pulsating
my companion: the night

Fatal Love

oh I tell you everything
that is nice, and fateful
I came from the ultimate frames of the fate
where a human body is beaten by the wind
it is already a dry, frozen skeleton
it is as dry as a stalk of weed
but its spirit haunts, shaking the sky at nights
so let's storm, storm, come and storm, wind-storm

so let's storm, storm, wind-storm
the landscape bathes in ore lights
the soul still haunts
what kind of hell created this aim
that the fate is brought by the love
why are you killing me, love?
I was born to have a more human fate!
the apparition of life flies high
and disappears without a notice
I haven't lived yet, I haven't lived, I haven't lived, I haven't lived

I return to a mouldering skeleton
I have become perhaps a tree, perhaps grass
I am living here already mutely
if you were here you would know how it is
above a human corpse is beaten by the wind
the rattling body sometimes articulates words
about a love moving the earth
and about the fate of the skies
so let's storm, storm, come and storm, wind-storm

The Call of The Stars

in the end of the world
on a shiny day
the dead will fly
I will be there
I know

every night
the stars call me there
my soul flies up
to my infinite


hey! hey! humanity!
hey! hey! humanity!
ancient people of the Cosmos
ancient people of the Cosmos

hundred times died and reborn
fallen out from infinity
forgotten about your Golden Age
lost your destination and blinded

you've forgotten about the Golden Age
you are forced to poverty
what kind of miracle are you waiting for?
what kind of miracle are you waiting for?

hundreds of millions of mouths
speak with mine!
hundreds of millions of brains
hundreds of millions of hearts
think with me!
feel with me!

the frames of your life are dwarfed
you are closed behind prison bars
when was the last time when you were gazing at the stars
to recall the angels from the skies?

you start up from hundreds of deaths
you march on heavenly ways
how could you forget about your destiny?
why have you forgotten it?
how could you forget about your destiny?
why have you forgotten it?
do you hear me? do you hear me?
do you hear me? do you hear me?

hey! hey! humanity!
hey! hey! humanity!
we all must be united
to one unique will of nature
we will be fire! soul!
cosmic consciousness!


hey hey let it speak
let it speak while I am alive
because so many things strain
that they cannot stay inside

hey hey let it speak
let it shoot up to the skies
let flash permeate you
and numbness must disappear

one-two what happens
that will be a prank
when your shroud opens up
and the life starts it again

Through Eras

the world is flowing, swimming and rotating in the morning of unlimited freedom,
floating lantern-lives release their light-tentacles, their lights meet in the cosmic dream-run, we perceive together the cosmic drifting, the relentless laws of the realisation of the infinite, as the primal world bubbles through the coloured whirls of the eras, and appears with its eternal symbols within you and me, in living carpets where we are balconies, the gardens of the Eternity, we are wandering as sprays of an unconscious force, wandering, wandering through the spaces, through the times, like moles, lemmings, reindeers, we are driven by the relentless demands of the morning, and our fates hollow out lungs, eyes and arcades to the whirl-currents of the cosmic flow my soul climbs up on the foot of the trees the morning fog grows giant caves a secret lights up and drags me down a door falls onto my life  the Universe moves in front of me I have to know who I am an embodiment arising from a dream human-nakedness destinies abyss he ancient world drives me through the times wet animals eternal wandering spinning spinning leaning across to me I release my light and the Universe closes me around in my hands the starry canopus is spinning today I have to get to know who I am the light-roof of the well is spinning and falling the infinite jumps into the finite cosmic force drives through the times cosmic force drives through the times  ancient Hungarian dance

oh please come to me!
ancient Hungarian dance!
let your celestial light bright up
beautiful Hungary!

throw your dancing foots up to the sky
let the heavenly milk flow onto us
hey hey stars, is anybody up there
since here we are having a ball and no place remains

hey sunshine how good it is to love
to brighten up the light of an earthly life
hey sunshine you know how to love
how to multiply the light of the mortals' life

rain and wind lash against my naked body
I feel it on my skin that all my treasures are alive
hey hey hey hey the wind catches me up
hey star-brothers, everything is mine