Dancing with the Sun

Conjuring Up the Wonder Stag

In a dreamland
Wonder Stag runs along
Celestial stallion, come, call out to me!
Your fiery sign lights up in the sky
On hunting-grounds that open to the sky
Hey! you hero, come on and join me now!
I feel your celestial light, I’m putting it on now
There can be nothing that resists
Your music from within darting up everywhere
All those who are humans will hear it
Hear me!
Hear me!
Celestial light, come, pick me up!
Happiness, come, scorch me on!
Living together now and forever
Our fate is enraptured love
Happiness itself in a bodily shape
All that is good was born everlasting
From hunting-grounds that open to the sky
Our common fate, I know, is smiling down upon me!

Dancing with the Sun

If the Sun would not exist -
What kind of life could we live?
But it exists! It is alive! It is alive!
Shines on everything!
So brilliant that you cannot see it!
But now you will see
How glamorous a life force
It is!
Hey Hey Hey Ho Hey Hey Hey Ho
Hey, Sun dance, Hey, Sun dance
I’m spinning, I’m laughing up to you, Sun
Hey, Sun dance, Hey, Sun dance
I’m spinning, I’m leaping up to you, Sun
Life pregnant with fate, you Sun-bird
I’m calling you, come here to us!
Let us rejoice, in the glistening of life!
Our lives are a dazing flash!
I was born
I whirl and rave under the Sun
Most beautiful Moon
On a velvet night
Firmament at daybreak
A sparkling sunbeam
Hey Sun, Hey Moon
A magical pair of eyes
Hey Sun, Hey Moon
A magical pair of eyes
Hey! Sun!
Hey! Shine on!
Hey! More! Hey!
Dancing! An urge!
Dance! Sun!
Shines! Shines!
Outside - shines!
Inside - shines!
Sun! Sun! Dear Sun!
Sweet dear Sun!
Live on!
Sweet Sun! Sun!
Celestial fire! Sun!
Celestial fire!

Tiny Red Dragons

Tiny red dragons
Are brushing against my thoughts
Fairy Land, Paradise
My motions fly to you
In a green field I am
Mending the clothes of stars
With dreamlike music
I’m healing the souls of planets
Landscape wrapped in mist, the beauty of night sleeps
On the sea of the sky, but soon
My star will be sparkling again, twining
A gleaming thread into the bottom of my heart
It’s so good, so good
So good, good
On human landscapes
So good
So good, so good!

With My Ancestors

If life is dear to me
My sweetheart lives in me
And my sweet parents
My sweet nation motherland mothertongue native land the world where I came from
Sweet Sun! Sweet Nature! Golden Age!
Let you all live in me now!

With my ancestors I fly to the Sun
With my ancestors I inhabit the Moon
I reach right to the ends of the world
With my ancestors I know everything
Let's fly!
I say let's fly!
Think of our ancestors
If ever you have shining wonders seen
It was just the day before yesterday
That you have been to Atilla’s marble palace
Let's fly!
Now fly from the heart!
I say let's fly!
There we sang of divine beings
El and Baal have walked there among us
We knew the order of the world
Angels were dancing all around
Heart, heart, fly!
From the heart, fly!
It speaks from there
It speaks from there
It speaks from there
It speaks from there
It speaks
From the ancient past
A star-ladder opens up inside you
As I bend over the well of your dream
I see your wonderful magic kingdom
Everything that’s ever been is alive! Hey!
What I was born for is alive again
It begins to dance so that my heart throbs away!
Our inner light again flies to great distances
The ancient sky lights up again, hey!
I’m cold
Or am I only shivering
I can hear your voice
And in my thought
I amplify it
That’s where its strength lives
I hear
How it says
I feel
It speaks to me
I feel it speaks to me
I feel it speaks to me

I feel it speaks to me
I dream from music
I dream the music you hear
I picture it with my voice
I dream the music, can you hear it?
I dream the music!

The Life of the Spherics

Signals signals signals
Signals from the sky
Signals from the atmosphere
But what kind of signals
What is it that burns up there
What is it that’s sending messages
What is it that no one hears though they keep listening
It’s right above us, it’s all around
It’s all around and it’s sending out messages, signals, Morse signals
People are looking for the signals
Well here they are!
Here are the signals, up there in the atmosphere,
In a cloud, they sit on the cloud and they signal
Signs of love, signs of life, they’re sending them out, out,
They’re sending out signals
But what kind of signals? What kind of signals?
What does a signal usually do in the afternoon?
An afternoon in the life of a signal! Well, I never! And what are your afternoons like?!
Are they like that of a signal?
Are they like sitting on a cloud? And sending out signals all your life, and never once getting an answer?
Are they like that? Are they? Tell me! Tell me!
Now it’s my turn to send out a message! I’ll signal back!
I signal back to these signals!
And my message is that I am still alive! I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive, and in spirit I’m there, I’m there in the whole atmosphere! I permeate the whole Earth, within and without! I permeate everything, everything, everything, because I want to live, to live, to live, to live!!! To live, live, live!
Where can these signs be coming from? Hey, where are you coming from, you signals, you sweet signals, tell me, where are you from? Where did you learn this dance? Where did you learn this rhythm?
What is it you want? What is it you dance?
How much do you know, and all keeps on fire what you know, and do you always dance with the whole of what you know? With your whole knowledge, your whole life is a dance, a message, a message to the daylight, the daylight, which is full of eyes, with your eyes, with my eyes, our eyes, our ears, the world is full of them, and we can hear the signals!
What do they want, what do they want from the infinite, these signals falling towards us, flowing towards us from the clouds, these signals flowing into our ears? Are they perhaps screaming? Or are they trying to articulate something? Trying to circumscribe what they want, what their lives are all about?
Signals are my brothers and sisters!
In the name of all signals!
I’ll travel to you, I’ll move in, I’ll move into these signals, I’ll move there, I’m moving into signals, I’m moving into sounds, into sounds, into signals, I’m moving into sounds and signals, into sounds and star, I’m dressing up into sounds and images!

Huns in Budapest

Huns Magyars Huns Hungarians Scythians Magyars true Hungarians
Truth and noble spirit
Our life is majesty, festive beauty
Our fate is the magic will of Nature
The truth of your life, the truth of your fate
Has to burst into flowers!
And this urges valiancy
From you too!
I don't give it up
My freedom
I don't give it up
My freedom
I don't give it up
My freedom
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
There it shines from!
There it flies from!
Here it cries from!
There it pleads from!
Hungarian people!
Once so proud!
Tell me, do you know
What’s become of you?
I don't give it up
My freedom
I don't give it up
My freedom
I don't give it up

Once so ample!
Poor by now!
From the scourge of God!
A nation made crippled!
Now become
Valiant again!
You must defeat
This global plague!
I don't give it up
My freedom
I don't give it up
My freedom
I don't give it up

Throw light upon
All the forms of pestilence!
Let this darkness
Turn pale at the sight!
I don't give it up
My freedom
I don't give it up
My freedom
I don't give it up

Go at it! Hey! Hey!
Let it sound again!
Down from the Milky Way
To the Budapest Grand Boulevard!
And let the world
Stand and watch amazed again!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Now for it! Now for it! Now for it! Now for it! Now for it! Now for it! Now for it!
Now for it! Now for it! Now for it!
Now for it! Now for it!

Magus Star

O star!
Star star!
This is the way home!
I’m showing you the way
To inner landscapes
Come come!
I’ll take you away and change you back!
Make you complete, more complete than ever before!
I arrive at it!
Magus star!
You have to fly, too! More on! More on!
O star! O star!
Star star!
Come here!
I am revolving too!
Star dervish
Bathe in me!
O star!
O star!
O star! O star!
O star!
Star star!