Our dear Fritz, the guitarist of VHK, today left this world.
Rest in peace Fritz!

Drága barátunk, a VHK gitárosa Németh László Fritz a mai napon távozott közülünk.
Nyugodj békében Fritz!

Galloping Coroners: Bite the Stars!

VHK (Galloping Coroners): Bite the Stars!!

CD & LP coming soon

VHK - The Ones Who Taught Death a Lesson

"The Coroners' music is basic and elemental and filled with obsessive, galvanizing passion." The New York Times
The one and only Central European music group, which has made an international career, the favorite band of Iggy Pop and Henry Rollins: The Galloping Coroners (Die Rasende Leichenbeschauer, Vagtazo Halottkemek). We made a documentary about their music and life, since the beginnings, from 1975.
The scandalous and 'banned for more than 11 years' band is not only the prominent of those Central European bands, which revolted against the communist system, but also a theater, which gained the attention of the audience with it's unique body-art performances.
Through the story of the favorite underground band of the Hungarian and international media, we can see the aesthetic preferences of the late Central European socialist system and the altering system, which followed it.

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In contrast with the overall assumption of the Western civilization, our inner world is not simply the trash hill of inferior powers, something worth only for depression, or an insignificant branching off of the human forces, but a home of the human light that can purify us, that can supply us with cathartic vital, inner forces. In order to escape the usual role offered by the contemporary society, i.e. to be obedient slaves of a structure which do not provide access to its aim and final destiny, we must use this inner creative power and we must experience its overwhelming, enrapturing reality.

(Attila Grandpierre)